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Our project aims to provide a starting point for a multi-year research programme intended to set up a photo-identification database, to study genetics of populations and bioaccumulation of the most common pollutants and their biological effects on living sharks.


We started this project last year, and thanks to the experience we developed over the summer 2017, we managed to confirm the presence of blue sharks in the area study and to start the photo-identification database.


Unfortunately we couldn’t collect any skin biopsy due to the inefficacy of our sampling tips, but that is part of science.


After an exchange of information with scientists working in the Pacific, we developed brand new tips that will be put to the test as soon as possible. Thanks to these tips, a small sample of skin (the size of half a pinkie) will be taken from sharks swimming in the ocean, no fishing hook or restraining technique will be used hence the stress to the animal will be reduced to a minimum.


The samples will be then appropriately divided and dispatched to different research groups to conduct the relative analyses.


The expected results will be fundamental to increasing our knowledge on this species, already listed as “critically endangered” in the Mediterranean and to feed into assessments for better species protection.


With your help, we can help preserve this species so important for the marine ecosystem for future generations to come